Blue Light Protection

Do you work in an office or go to school? Are you ever outside? How about at a computer, tablet, or cell phone? If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you are exposed to blue light.

 What is High-Energy Visible Light ?

While computers, smartphones, tablets and HDTV's have had a very positive and transformative impact on our daily lives, they also introduce a new potential risk. 




 These same devices generate cool light further down the spectrum known as High Energy Blue Light (HEVBL).   It has been long understood that certian wavelengths of blue light are toxic to the retinal tissue in the eyes, blocking the production of melatonin which regulates sleep cycles and focus in front of the retina causing our eyes to work harder, causing fatigue and nearsightedness. The way we use our eyes has changed.   That's why we changed the way we make lenses. 





The average American spends 37 hours a week staring at electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and digital TVs.   Sound familiar?  All of these devices emit blue light waves, which can cause eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue.   That's why HOYA lenses are specially formuated to absorb and block blue light. 






 HOYA Recharge EX3 is a new AR treatment that is directly applied to the surface of your lenses.  Recharge EX3 provides HEVBL protection and is an extremely scratch resistant; reflection free; and crisp clear vision treatment.  It delivers unmatched durability and reliability.  Recharge EX3 offers Blue Light protection in a premium AR treatment.  Instead of putting down the iPad, protect your vision with HOYA's Recharge EX3!



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