AntiReflective Lenses

Ever notice when you take pictures the flash reflects off your glasses?  How about the glare from the television screen, or the starbursts you see from lights at night? 

These are all caused by the light reflecting off your lenses.  Our Super HiVision EX3 treatment allows more light to reach your eyes, which optimizes your sight.  More light to the eye means you see better in office light and while on the computer... good-bye eye fatigue.   Plus your eyes are more visible by eliminating annoying glare on your lenses.  

Driving at night can pose a number of challenges for eyeglass wearers.   With EX3 those blinding headlights and sign reflections are diminished which makes night driving safer.   By removing glare, vision is comfortable and clear.  EX3 also provides superior scratch resistance to protect your lenses. 


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