Featured Patients

Marjorie W.

Marjorie, a longtime patient of Dr. Schwartz, has been wearing bifocal lenses for several years.

The vision for driving and reading was great, but at the piano, Marjorie noticed the reading lens was sort of OK but she really didn't like the fact she was tipping her head back to read the music.  Dr. Schwartz suggested she would benefit from lenses made especially for the distance she is from her piano.  She measured that distance and we made her lenses for a beautiful, lightweight  Silhouette frame with Swarovski crystals. As Marjorie says, she is never more dressed up than when she is performing!

"It didn't take me long to reach for them when I worked at the computer," she stated, as that is a similar distance.  Now they are a necessity for two important activities.  So much so, Marjorie decided to have a pair at home and another at Luther for rehearsals and performances!

We thank Marjorie for trusting her vision to us.